Alison’s Bio

acrylic portrait of alison detail 1 (452x640)



“Alison” by Sean Hatter

Alison Wimmer Hatter was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. Having drawn all her life, and inspired by the cover illustrations on the books she cherished growing up, she decided to pursue a career in illustration hoping to follow in the footsteps of greats like N.C. Wyeth and Michael Whelan, to name a few. Finishing a five year program, Alison graduated summa cum laude in 1998 with a BFA in Illustration and Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. She was also awarded Outstanding Senior in Illustration Student Award in 1998. Alison has had student work published in Richmond Magazine and The Crescent Review. She also illustrated three children’s books in recent years: Yes, I am Loved, My Horsy and Me, and A Unicorn for my Birthday all written by author, Brenda Hasse. In the years before 2005 she continued to show her own personal works in local galleries and create for various commissions.

Living in her hometown of Floyd and raising three young boys with her husband, Sean Hatter, Alison has been slowly finding the time to exercise her interest in art. No longer pursuing an illustration career, Alison is focusing on a body of work that will speak of her passions and interests.