Sean Hatter

As a traditional painter I explore landscapes and portraiture.  Actually, I think of my landscapes as portraits in and of themselves:  portraits of the world through which we travel, work, and play–singular moments in time that reveal the beauty which surrounds us and take on personalities of their own.   So also my portraits are kin to the landscapes.  At home with both acrylic and oil, I search for the movement, rhythm, light, and shadow that work with each other to reveal the unique qualities of each person as expressed through their individual features.  There is an intimacy within both the landscape and the portrait which I try to pursue–a certain quality in each which draws the viewer in to connect with the subject matter in a way that is much deeper than we ordinarily would in our busy everyday lives.  In so doing, my hope is that I and the viewer will both cultivate a deeper appreciation for the natural world around us and take more interest in the well-being and experiences of the people we meet along our way.

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Floyd, a painting by Sean Hatter